A Snow Day Activity

Here’s an activity for rail advocates looking for something new to do while it continues to snow outside.

As part of the process to update its five-year Capital Investment Plan, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) is seeking input from the public until the end of this week.

If you have comments or suggestions on current or future state transportation projects, programs, priorities, and/or concerns, now is the time to submit your ideas and thoughts to MassDOT as part of this process.

Station platforms and tracks | Springfield, Ma. | March 6, 2017


In particular, we would encourage you to submit your comments in support of the following rail priorities for our region:

1. Additional passenger rail service north of Springfield
– ideally, the extension of a few Hartford Line trains past Springfield to Greenfield

2. Expanded passenger rail service between Springfield and Boston
– e.g., an extension of the planned Hartford Line service from Springfield to Boston

3. A second high-level platform at Springfield Union Station
– only one high-level platform is currently funded

4. and any other ideas and suggestions that you wish MassDOT to consider, including those related to state highways, the MBTA and the Regional Transit Agencies (i.e. PVTA and the FRTA.)


Your ideas and comments may be submitted one of two ways:

1. using MassDOT’s online comment tool, or

2. by sending an email to masscip@state.ma.us

Your comments do not have to be long or perfect to be heard by MassDOT and to have an impact.

Note that MassDOT will be accepting comments until Friday, March 17th at 5 pm.


The Draft 2018-2022 Capital Investment Plan will be released in late March or early April.

Once the draft has been released, MassDOT will schedule a series of public meetings to seek public input on the draft plan.


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Further information

Capital Investment Plan | Official web page (MassDOT)

2018-2022 CIP update: Joint Board Presentation (PDF)
January 23, 2017

MassDOT’s 2017-2021 Capital Investment Plan

MassDOT’s draft five-year Capital Investment Plan (CIP) for highway, aeronautics, rail and transit investments has been released.

Further details on this new Trains in the Valley web page
Infrastructure > MassDOT 2017-2021 Capital Plan

This Capital Investment Plan invests roughly equally on improving the condition of roads and bridges as on rail and rapid transit according to MassDOT, with a heavy emphasis on gradually returning all transportation assets to a State of Good Repair. (This is a good thing.)

Of particular concern (from our perspective) is the lack of capital funding to further support expanded rail service between Springfield and New Haven when the Hartford Line begins service in early 2018.

Unfunded elements include additional new platforms in Springfield (only one is planned at this time), double-tracking of the remaining single track line south of Springfield, and storage tracks for Hartford Line trains in Springfield. 


MassDOT Capital Improvement Plan Public Meeting
Olver Transit Center, Greenfield | April 27, 2016


MassDOT officials are touring the state seeking input on the plan from the public.
[Public Meeting Schedule]

MassDOT is also actively seeking written comments regarding this plan from the public.

We would encourage you to have a look at our review of their the proposal on this page and provide your input to MassDOT.

Public comments may be submitted via email: masscip@state.ma.us

Note that comments must be submitted by May 13, 2016 at 5 p.m.