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This page includes a listing of significant rail infrastructure projects in the Pioneer Valley region.

Please note that this list does not include all projects underway along the rail lines in our region.



Greenfield & Northampton | Extension of the station platforms

Construction underway

Planned completion date
July 19, 2019


This project will involve the extension of the existing high-level station platforms in Greenfield and Northampton to a length of 146 feet.

Architectural rendering of planned station platform for Northampton, Ma. | June 2017

An expanded station platform will allow for two pairs of passenger car doors to be opened on the platform, which would basically double the speed of boarding (and deboarding) passengers at these station.

Further details on the station platform project can be found on these links

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Springfield Union Station | New high-level platform

Construction underway

Planned completion date
July 2019


The new high-level platform, under construction | looking east
Springfield Union Station | August 15, 2019

The MassDOT Capital Improvement Plan includes funding for the construction of a new high-level platform at the station.

A new 362-foot hi-level boarding platform is currently being constructed on the footprint of Platform C (between tracks 4 and 6) at the station. The new platform will be accessed from the concourse level of the station via a set of stairs and an elevator.

The historic steel canopy over platform C has been disassembled and transported to a steel fabrication shop for deleading, repaired as necessary, and repainted. The canopy will then be reinstalled and a new roofing system will be installed.

Further reading

“Union Station will get new $8.2 million rail passenger platform by November”
By Jim Kinney | The Republican | May 8, 2018


Track Work

Knowledge Corridor Tie Replacement Project

Construction underway

Planned completion date
Summer 2019


This project will involve tie replacements, track refurbishment and related work along 32 miles of the Connecticut River Main Line (CRML).

The project includes the follow elements:

  • Install up to 30,000 new wood crossties
  • Install 3.5 track miles of new continuous welded rail on the controlled sidings in Northampton and Springfield and on the southbound track in Deerfield
  • Construct 0.4 miles of new southbound track in Deerfield
  • Distribute 28,500 tons of track ballast
  • Surface, align and regulate the ballast along 32 miles of CRML track, including all turnouts that branch off the mainline track
  • Remove and reconstruct five farm crossings along the line
  • Remove & dispose of all scrap crossties, timbers, and wood debris

The specifications states that scrap crossties, switch timber, and other wood products shall be removed from the right-of-way within five working days of their removal from the track.


Progress images

Bundles of ties and new continuously welded rail along the line
North Main Street, Deerfield, Ma. | looking north | April 8, 2018


Old ties by the track waiting to be remove
Egypt Rd crossing, Whately, Ma. | looking north | May 19, 2019


Track workers and their machines moving south on the Connecticut River Main Line
Easthampton, Ma. | May 31, 2019


Spring Interlocking Renewal

Work is underway


Amtrak workers assembling a new turnout for the CP SPRING interlocking project | looking west
Springfield, MA | August 15, 2019


Amtrak Five Year Asset Line Plan FY2019-FY2024 (PDF) | page 252



Tie Replacement on Bridges at Milepost 34.82 & 34.95

Work is underway

Connecticut River Main Line Bridges 34.82 and 34.95 | looking South
Viewed from Hope St | Greenfield, Ma. | April 21, 2019

The project involves the replacement of ties on two Connecticut River Main Line (CRML) bridges;

  • Bridge at MP 34.82 [visible in the background in the image above] which carries the CRML over the Deerfield River
  • Bridge at MP 34.95 [visible in the foreground in the image] which carries the CRML over the Pan Am Southern Fitchburg Main line.

Part of this project includes the re-installation of the 2nd mainline track on both bridges.

Further reading

“Deerfield, Greenfield railroad bridges slated for repairs”
By Dan Desrochers | The Recorder | April 30, 2018


Springfield | Bike/pedestrian underpass

Daniel O’Connell’s Sons Inc. selected as contractor
Construction underway

Planned Completion Date
Autumn 2020


The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) is constructing a pedestrian path under the Connecticut River Main Line in Springfield.

The project will provide for a pedestrian route under the railroad tracks in order to provide a safe pedestrian connection between the Brightwood and North End neighborhoods in Springfield — more specifically between the Chestnut Middle School area in Brightwood and the Birnie Avenue/Main Street area in the North End.

Construction started in the April 2019.

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