Questions and Answers

Here’s a list of common questions that people ask.


Q: How do I buy a ticket for Amtrak’s Vermonter?

A: The best way to buy an Amtrak ticket is by visiting their website, Other methods are detailed on this Amtrak web page.


Q: Why is the southbound Vermonter always late arriving into Greenfield, Northampton, Holyoke, and Springfield?

A: Slow-orders1 and/or freight congestion on the New England Central Railroad in Vermont are delaying the train’s arrival into Brattleboro. (see Why is the Southbound Vermonter Always Late? for further details.)


Q: How fast can trains travel on the Connecticut River Line?

A: The top speed for Amtrak’s Vermonter (between Springfield and the Massachusetts-Vermont border) is 79 mph, but this speed is only possible on an eleven-mile section of track between Hatfield and Deerfield. On other sections of the line, the speed limit varies depending on the curvature and condition of the track and the presence of grade crossings.

The top speed for freight trains on this line is 40 mph.


Q: When will the Northampton bicycle/pedestrian underpass be completed?

A: This project is currently scheduled to be completed in October 2017. (See Northampton Underpass for further details.)


Q: What is the anticipated length of time it would take to get from Springfield to Boston on the Inland Route?

State transportation officials have said travel times between Springfield and Boston could range from 1 hour and 45 minutes to 2 hours and 18 minutes depending on the speed of the train and how many stops it makes. Likely stops would include Boston South Station, Boston Back Bay, Framingham, Worcester, Palmer and Springfield.


1 A slow order is a local speed restriction on a rail line which is set below the track’s normal speed limit.



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