East-West Rail Service in Massachusetts

This page is written for people who wish to travel by train between the western and eastern parts of Massachusetts on Amtrak’s Lake Shore Limited service.

For information on the East–West Passenger Rail Study please visit this page.

The Lake Shore Limited in Chester, MA | Jacob Pike | via Flickr

Amtrak’s Lake Shore Limited (trains 448 and 449) provides service between Boston South station and Albany-Rensselaer, NY, with intermediate stops in Boston Back Bay, Framingham, Worcester, Springfield, and Pittsfield.

Through service to/from Chicago, and intermediate stations, is also available.

Full route of the the Lake Shore Limited | Wikimedia Commons

Station specific information for Springfield be found on this link
Springfield Union Station


Not currently available.

Please visit the Amtrak website for schedule information.

Accommodations and amenities on board

Coach Class seating

Business Class seating

Café Car | menu (PDF)

Free Wi-Fi Onboard

Take your pet with you

• Sleeping car accommodations, for those traveling longer distances.

Amtrak fares

One-way in coach (Adult)

    • Springfield Union Station
    • ⮂ Boston South Station | Starting at $9
    • ⮂ Boston Back Bay Station | Starting at $9
    • ⮂ Framingham, MA | Starting at $7
    • ⮂ Worcester, MA | Starting at $7
    • ⮂ Pittsfield, MA | Starting at $9
    • ⮂ Albany-Rensselaer, NY | Starting at $9
    • ⮂ Chicago, IL | Starting at $90

Important notes

  1. The fares listed are the lowest available Saver Fare for a ticket purchased more than fourteen (14) days in advance.
  2. Higher fares apply when a ticket is purchased less than 14 days in advance, during peak travel periods, and when seats are limited on a particular train.
  3. Discounted fares are available for Children (2 through 12), Passengers with disabilities, Seniors (65 years of age and­ over), Military personnel and their families, Military veterans, and members of the Rail Passengers Association. Further details on this link | Amtrak Discounts
  4. The sample fares listed were last checked on January 2, 2022.


Tickets should be purchased on Amtrak’s mobile app or website [Amtrak.com].

Tickets can also be purchased by calling Amtrak (1-800-USA-RAIL) or by visiting a staffed Amtrak ticket office, for example at Springfield Union Station.

Further information is available on Amtrak’s How to Purchase Tickets webpage.

Train one-way and bus the other

For those wanting to try the train to/from Boston you might want to consider taking the train one-way and an intercity bus in the other direction — if the train times don’t work for you.

Both Peter Pan Bus Lines and Greyhound offer daily service between Boston South Station and Springfield Union Station.

Note that some of the bus runs also stop at Worcester and/or Framingham.


The Lake Shore Limited service is part of Amtrak’s Long Distance Service Line. It is financed primarily through funds made available by the federal government.

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