Northampton station

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This page provides detailed information for Amtrak’s station stop in Northampton, Massachusetts.

An image of Northampton station in Northampton, Massachusetts,
Northampton station | looking east | March 11, 2022


Station and rail service overview


Local and regional bus Connections

Taxi and rental car information

Bike share station

Visitor information

Station and rail service overview

Northampton station
170 Pleasant St
Northampton, MA

GPS Address | 100 Railroad Ave, Northampton, MA

Amtrak Customer Service
1-800-USA-RAIL (1-800-872-7245)

• Covered high–level platform ♿

• No ticket office

• No restrooms

Train status for Northampton

Amtrak service

Valley Flyer
• Greenfield – Northampton – Springfield – Hartford – New Haven1

• Vermont – Northampton – New York – Washington

1 With scheduled connections with Amtrak and Metro-North in New Haven

Special note

The Deck Bar — a seasonal outdoor cabana-style restaurant and bar — is located steps away from the boarding platform.

The historic Union Station building which in years past was the main station in Northampton is currently privately owned.


Option 1

Union Station parking lot
170 Pleasant St (adjacent to the station platform)

Hours of operation | 24 hours a day

$2 for the first hour
$1 for each additional hour
(First 15 minutes are free)
$15 daily maximum rate

When using this lot please keep in mind that,

  • Payment for parking in the Union Station lot must be paid with a credit card at the exit gate.
  • The automatic control control gates (at the entrance and exit of this lot) are currently in operation between 10am and 7pm daily except for Sat & Sun when they are in operation from 10am until 8pm.
  • To avoid paying $2 to exit the parking lot, when you are picking someone up at the train station, we recommend that you arrive just before the train arrives. You can do this by checking on the status of the train (using this Amtrak App or the Amtrak website) before you enter the lot.

Option 2

Hampton Avenue Lot [Google map]
60 Hampton Ave (a approximately 7 minute walk to/from the station)

Old South Street Lot [Google map]

These city lots, which are side by side, are $0.25/hour between 10am and 7pm, Mon. – Sat. (which works out to $2.25/day.) They are free at all other times.

Hours of operation | 24 hours a day

Payment can be made at the parking Kiosk in the lot or by using the ParkMobile Parking App. (use Zone 6318)

Additional reduced rate long-term parking near the station is available at the Roundhouse Lot.

See the city of Northampton Parking webpage for additional information.

Directions for walking from the Hampton Avenue Lot to the station
Google Maps

Option 3

E. John Gare Parking Garage
85 Hampton Ave
$0.75 / hour
[Google map]

Hours of operation | 24 hours a day

Directions for walking from the garage to the station
Google Maps

Local and regional bus Connections

The Pioneer Valley Transit Authority (PVTA) provides service within Northampton and the surrounding area.

Click on one of the links below to view the options for travel between the station and,

Amherst  |  UMass Amherst

All other points

Note | these links will take you to transit information on Google Maps. You will need to select the appropriate departure time/date on the site. You may also wish to change the starting point or destination.

PVTA Northampton routes

G73EBrennan Express Springfield Northampton via Holyoke Mall
39ESmith / Mount Holyoke Express
R41Northampton / Easthampton / HCC / Holyoke Mall
R42Northampton / Williamsburg / VA Hospital
B43Northampton / Hadley / Amherst
R44Florence Heights via King St and Bridge St
B48Northampton / Holyoke via Route 5
39Smith / Hampshire
NENashawannuck Express

PVTA website

Bike share station

An image of the bike sharing station at the Northampton train station in Northampton, Massachusetts,
ValleyBike Share dock at Northampton Station | September 2018

ValleyBike Share’s dock at the Northampton station is located on the bike path, near Pleasant Street.

Please note that the ValleyBike Share service is currently not available.

Taxi and rental car information

A listing of services can be found on the link below.

Taxi and rideshare services list | Trains In The Valley

Rental cars

Enterprise Rent-a-Car in Northampton
24 North King St
Northampton, MA

Hours | Mon-Fri 8 AM – 6 PM and Sat 9 AM – 1 PM

Enterprise offers a free pickup and drop off service during business hours.

To schedule your pick-up time we recommend that you call the local Enterprise office the day before your scheduled arrival in Northampton.

Visitor information

Explore Northampton on Tripadvisor

The Weekender — Northampton
Tripadvisor | March 2022

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A footnote

The station platform in Northampton is owned and managed by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT). If you have any concerns regarding the platform please contact the MassDOT Rail & Transit Division by calling (857) 368-8740.

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