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This page provides an overview of recently completed rail-related infrastructure projects in the Pioneer Valley region.

Please note that this listing does not list all projects.


Northampton | Bike/pedestrian underpass (2016–2017)

Amtrak train 56 — the southbound Vermonter — passing over the new underpass
Northampton, Ma. | November 12, 2017

The bike/pedestrian underpass in Northampton, which opened to public in November 2017, provides a direct connection between the Mass Central Rail Trail (on the east side of the railroad tracks) with the Northampton Bike Trail which is on the west side of the tracks.

The underpass also provides residents on the east side of the tracks with a safe walking path to the many retail establishments located on King Street in Northampton.

Further details on the underpass and its construction can be found on this link:

Northampton underpass project | Trains In The Valley


Bernardston | Stone Arch Bridge Re-decking (2018)

Stone Arch Bridge on the Conn River Main Line | Bernardston, Mass.
Source: Construction Equipment Guide, November 7, 2018

In September, 2018 MassDOT and its contractors executed a complicated project to re-deck the 208-foot viaduct that crosses the Fall River in Bernardston, Mass. The viaduct, which is commonly known as the Stone Arch Bridge, was built in 1846 for the Connecticut River Railroad.

The majority of the work was performed during a scheduled five-day service outage that commenced on September 7, 2018.

Further information

“Crews Finish Bridge Rehabilitation in Massachusetts”
By Cindy Riley | Construction Equipment Guide | November 7, 2018

Stone Arch Bridge Bernardston, MA
NHRHTA New Haven RR Forum | September 17, 2018
This post includes additional images from the project


Holyoke | Repairs to Pioneer Valley Railroad Bridge (2018)

Curved open-deck railroad bridge | looking northeast from Cabot St
Near South Canal & Cabot streets | Holyoke, Ma. | November 16, 2018


Curved open-deck railroad bridge
Near South Canal & Cabot streets | Holyoke, Ma. | November 16, 2018

The Pioneer Valley Railroad and its contractors have rehabilitated a curved open deck bridge in Holyoke near South Canal and Cabot street. The bridge, which is shown in the images above, carries a section of the PVRR over a canal in Holyoke. Steel and masonry work performed on the structure.

The re-opening of this bridge, which was last used in 2013, will allow the Pioneer Valley Railroad to interchange freight rail cars with the Pan Am Southern railroad which operates the north-south rail line through Holyoke.

This work was partially funded by a grant of $495,000 that was made by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT). The grant was one of eight grant awards made in 2017 under MassDOT’s Industrial Rail Access Program.


Tree and Brush clearing along the Conn River Main Line (2018)

Chestnut Street, Hatfield, Ma | Looking south | March 3, 2018

MassDOT’s contractors clearing brush and trees along the right of way on the Connecticut River Main Line.


Northampton | Repair of Bridges at Mileposts 16.67 and 19.90 (2019)

Connecticut River Main Line bridge at MP 16.67
Hockanum Road, Northampton, Ma. | March 15, 2019


Connecticut River Main Line bridge at MP 19.90
Hatfield Road, Northampton, Ma. | July 8, 2018

This project will involve the repair/rehabilitation of two railroad bridges located in Northampton, MA.


Greenfield & Northampton | Extension of the station platforms (2018–19)

This project extended the existing high-level station platforms in Greenfield and Northampton to a length of 146 feet.

Architectural rendering of planned station platform for Northampton, Ma. | June 2017

An expanded station platform will allow for two pairs of passenger car doors to be opened on the platform, which would basically double the speed of boarding (and deboarding) passengers at these station.

Further details on the station platform project can be found on these links

Greenfield platform extension project

Northampton platform extension project


Knowledge Corridor Tie Replacement Project (2019)

This project was for tie replacements, track refurbishment and related work along 32 miles of the Connecticut River Main Line (CRML).

The project included the follow elements:

  • Installalation up to 30,000 new wood crossties
  • Installalation of 3.5 track miles of new continuous welded rail on the controlled sidings in Northampton and Springfield and on the southbound track in Deerfield
  • Construction of 0.4 miles of new southbound track in Deerfield
  • Distribution of 28,500 tons of track ballast
  • Surface, align and regulate the ballast along 32 miles of CRML track, including all turnouts that branch off the mainline track
  • Remove and reconstruct five farm crossings along the line
  • Remove & dispose of all scrap crossties, timbers, and wood debris


Progress images

Bundles of ties and new continuously welded rail along the line
North Main Street, Deerfield, Ma. | looking north | April 8, 2018


Old ties by the track waiting to be removed
Egypt Rd crossing, Whately, Ma. | looking north | May 19, 2019


Track workers and their machines moving south on the Connecticut River Main Line
Easthampton, Ma. | May 31, 2019


Tie Replacement on Bridges at Milepost 34.82 & 34.95 (2019)

Connecticut River Main Line Bridges 34.82 and 34.95 | looking South
Viewed from Hope St | Greenfield, Ma. | April 21, 2019

The project involved the replacement of ties on two Connecticut River Main Line (CRML) bridges;

  • Bridge at MP 34.82 [visible in the background in the image above] which carries the CRML over the Deerfield River
  • Bridge at MP 34.95 [visible in the foreground in the image] which carries the CRML over the Pan Am Southern Fitchburg Main line.

Part of this project included the re-installation of the 2nd mainline track on both bridges.

Further reading

“Deerfield, Greenfield railroad bridges slated for repairs”
By Dan Desrochers | The Recorder | April 30, 2018

Cheapside Railroad Bridge (PDF)
Inventory No. DEE.905
Massachusetts Cultural Resource Information System


Springfield Union Station | Platform C (2016-2020)

A new 362-foot high-level platform at Springfield Union Station was opened to the public on January 24, 2020.

Platform C | Looking east
Springfield Union Station | January 23, 2020

Further details on the project can be found on this link

Springfield Union Station | Platform C Project Overview


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