Infrastructure | Completed Projects

This page includes a listing of recently completed rail-related infrastructure projects in the Pioneer Valley region.


Northampton | Bike/pedestrian underpass (2016-2017)

Amtrak train 56 — the southbound Vermonter — passing over the new underpass
Northampton, Ma. | November 12, 2017

The bike/pedestrian underpass in Northampton, which opened to public in November 2017, provides a direct connection between the Mass Central Rail Trail (on the east side of the railroad tracks) with the Northampton Bike Trail which is on the west side of the tracks.

The underpass also provides residents on the east side of the tracks with a safe walking path to the many retail establishments located on King Street in Northampton.

Further details on the underpass and its construction can be found on this link:

Northampton underpass project | Trains In The Valley



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