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This page is written for people who would like to travel to or from western Massachusetts on the Vermonter. For more general information please visit Amtrak’s Vermonter web page


Amtrak has temporary suspended the operation of the Vermonter north of New York City due to the COVID pandemic.

When Vermonter service north of New Haven will resume is not clear at this time.1

The Valley Flyer continues to operate  — with one southbound train in the morning and one northbound train in the evening, seven days a week.

1 “No date yet for Amtrak’s return” | Vermont Business Magazine | August 13, 2020

The Vermonter operates daily between Washington, D.C., and St. Albans, Vt., with service to Philadelphia, New York City, Hartford, White River Junction and other intermediate stops.

Northbound in Holyoke | By Roman Daniels | December 29, 2014

In the Pioneer Valley the Vermonter makes station stops in Springfield, Holyoke, Northampton, and Greenfield.

Vermonter Route Map - 2016_04_07
Vermonter Route Map

Station specific information can be found on these links:

Amtrak Station | Greenfield, MA (GFD)

Amtrak Station | Holyoke, MA (HLK)

Amtrak Station | Northampton, MA (NHT)

Amtrak Station | Springfield Union Station (SPG)

Current timetable

Not available at this time

Please visit the Amtrak website for the latest schedule information

Accommodations and amenities on board

Coach Class seating

Business Class seating (at one end of the Café car)

Café Car (usually the last car of the train) | menu (PDF)

Free Wi-Fi Onboard

• Carry on Bicycle (further details below)

Take your pet with you

Sample fares¹

One-way in Coach (Adult)

    • Greenfield
    • ⮂ Essex Junction–Burlington, VT | $31 or $41
    • ⮂ Brattleboro, VT | $12
    • ⮂ New Haven, CT | $26 or $35
    • New York, NY / Penn Station1 | $53 or $70
    • ⮂ Philadelphia, PA1 | $61 or $81
    • ⮂ Washington, DC1 | $77 or $103
    • Northampton
    • ⮂ Essex Junction–Burlington, VT | $33 or $44
    • ⮂ Brattleboro, VT | $12 of $16
    • ⮂ New Haven, CT | $26 or $34
    • New York, NY / Penn Station1 | $53 or $70
    • ⮂ Philadelphia, PA1 | $61 and $81
    • ⮂ Washington, DC1 | $77 or $103
  1. The higher price listed is the fare when a ticket is purchased less than fourteen (14) days in advance.
  2. Higher fares are possible during peak travel times and when seats are limited on a particular train.
  3. Fares listed are for travel on either the Valley Flyer or the Vermonter.
  4. Discounted fares are available for Children (12 and under), Seniors (65 and­ over), Military (Active), Veterans Advantage, and members of the Rail Passengers Association.
  5. The sample fares listed are for tickets purchased on January 5, 2020 for travel between January 6-31, 2020.


Tickets should be purchased on Amtrak’s mobile app or website [].

Tickets can also be purchased by calling Amtrak (1-800-USA-RAIL) or by visiting a staffed Amtrak ticket office, for example at Springfield Union Station.

Further information is available on Amtrak’s How to Purchase Tickets webpage.

Bikes on the Vermonter

Amtrak offers a carry-on bike service on the Vermonter that allows you to travel with your bicycle.

You must reserve space for your bike when you book your ticket on

The cost is $10/bike for travel between St. Albans, Vt, and New Haven, Conn., and $20/bike if your trip involves a station south of New Haven.

Bicycles will be stored vertically on a bike rack that has been mounted in selected coaches of the train. Look for the “bicycle-friendly” sticker on the train car.

Further details
Walk-On Bike Service on the Vermonter (Amtrak)

Train status

To see if a particular Amtrak train is running on-time visit, click “Train Status” and enter the requested information.

You can also check on your train by looking at the near-real-time map of Amtrak trains on

Status Map Sample / Northeast Region Map
(Click on the sample map and then click on the number for your train)

Please note

Portions of the New England Central Railroad’s main line in Vermont are subject to temporary speed restrictions when the outside air temperature is extremely cold or extremely warm. When these restrictions are in place the Vermonter will be delayed. Note that these speed restrictions normally occur only a few times a year, if at all.

For those traveling on the Vermonter in the winter — we strongly recommend that passengers boarding in Northampton, Holyoke and Greenfield (on weekends, when the Olver Transit Center is closed) check the status of their train before arriving at the station to limit the amount of time standing out in the cold on the platform.

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The Vermonter is financed primarily through funds made available by the Vermont Agency of Transportation, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, and the Connecticut Department of Transportation.

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