Valley Flyer

Service between Greenfield and New Haven with scheduled connections to Amtrak and Metro-North at New Haven Union Station


The Valley Flyer is temporarily operating on a reduced schedule due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The service is currently operating with one southbound train in the morning and one northbound train in the evening.

Enhanced procedures have been implemented to protect the health and safety of passengers and crews, including:

  • Amtrak trains are sanitized and disinfected daily with enhanced cleaning between trips.
  • Crews and passengers are required to wear face coverings at all times.
  • The number of passengers is limited to 50% of available seating capacity to support physical distancing guidelines.

Further information is available on this link —

The inaugural run of the Valley Flyer, arriving at sunrise
Northampton, MA | By Wayne Feiden | August 30, 2019

To book your ticket please visit the Amtrak website of use the Amtrak mobile app on your device.


In August 2019, Amtrak and the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, launched a new state-supported passenger train called the Valley Flyer.

The Valley Flyer travels between Greenfield, Mass. and New Haven Ct. with intermediate station stops. In New Haven the train connects with Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor service and Metro-North’s New Haven Line service.

This service is primarily designed for people in our region who wish to travel south to New York City, as example, in the morning and/or return to the region by train in the evening. The last time this was possible was in 1967.

Valley Flyer station stops

Current timetable

Accommodations and amenities on board

Coach Class seating

Free Wi-Fi Onboard

Take your bike with you

Take your pet with you

Amtrak fares and ticket information

Sample one-way adult coach fares —

    • Greenfield
    • ⮂ Springfield, MA | $14 or $18
    • ⮂ Hartford, CT | $19 or $24
    • ⮂ New Haven, CT | $28 or $35
    • ⮂ Stamford, CT1 | $38 or $57
    • ⮂ New York, NY / Penn Station1 | $46 or $67
    • ⮂ Philadelphia, PA1 | $55 or $81
    • ⮂ Washington, DC1 | $67 or $108
    • Northampton
    • ⮂ Springfield, MA | $11 or $14
    • ⮂ Hartford, CT | $15 or $19
    • ⮂ New Haven, CT | $27 or $34
    • ⮂ Stamford, CT1 | $37 or $56
    • New York, NY / Penn Station1 | $45 and $66
    • ⮂ Philadelphia, PA1 | $54 and $81
    • ⮂ Washington, DC1 | $66 or $108

1 Valley Flyer / Change trains at New Haven Union Station

Important notes

  1. The higher price is the fare when a ticket is purchased less than 14 days in advance.
  2. Higher fares are possible during peak travel times and when seats are limited on a particular train.
  3. Fares listed are for travel on either the Valley Flyer or the Vermonter.
  4. Discounted fares are available for Children (12 and under), Passengers with Disabilities, Seniors (65 and­ over), Military (active and retired), and members of the Rail Passengers Association. Further details on this link | Amtrak Discounts
  5. The sample fares listed were last checked on April 10, 2021.

Amtrak tickets

Tickets should be purchased on Amtrak’s mobile app or website [].

Tickets can also be purchased by calling Amtrak (1-800-USA-RAIL) or by visiting a staffed Amtrak ticket office, for example at Springfield Union Station.

Further information is available on Amtrak’s How to Purchase Tickets webpage.

Metro-North fares and ticket information

for connecting service at New Haven Union Station

Sample one-way fares —

    • New Haven Union Station
    • ⮂ Bridgeport, CT | $3.75
    • ⮂ South Norwalk, CT | $7
    • ⮂ Stamford, CT | $8.25
    • ⮂ New Rochelle, NY | $14
    • New York, NY / Grand Central Terminal
    • Off-Peak | $17.75
    • Peak | $23.50
    • Senior | $11.75

Important notes

  1. Peak fares apply to weekday trains that arrive in Grand Central Terminal (GCT) between 6 AM and 10 AM or that depart Grand Central between 4 PM and 8 PM.
  2. Discounted fares are available for Children (5-11), Seniors (65 and­ over), Disabled persons, Medicare recipients, and Active duty members of the armed forces.
  3. Further details and information can be found on this page | Metro-North Fares & Ticket Information

Metro-North tickets can be purchased on the MTA eTix app or from a Metro-North ticket vending machine.

At New Haven Union Station the Metro-North ticket machines can be found in the main waiting room.

Passengers transferring to Metro-North at New Haven Union Station can purchase their ticket on-board the connecting Metro-North train with cash or a credit card without paying the on-board surcharge. To avoid the on-board surcharge, passengers must show the Metro-North conductor their Valley Flyer ticket before purchasing their ticket.


The Pioneer Valley Planning Commission, the Franklin Regional Council of Governments and many elected officials in the region have been advocating for additional passenger rail service in our region for many years now.

Efforts to expand service north of Springfield stem from the completion of the Knowledge Corridor Passenger Rail Feasibility Study in 2009. The study assessed the feasibility of future passenger rail improvements intended to reduce travel time, maximize accessibility, and provide viable transportation alternatives within the Knowledge Corridor.

The Valley Flyer service between Greenfield and New Haven is financed primarily through funds made available by the Connecticut Department of Transportation and the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.

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