Valley Flyer

New service between Greenfield and New Haven with scheduled connections to Amtrak and Metro-North in New Haven

In Planning

Planned Start of Service
Late Summer 2019 [1]
June 2019 [2] [3]


The Amtrak Vermonter arrives in Holyoke, Ma. | Courtesy of WAMC

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) intends to add additional passenger rail service in the Pioneer Valley, with new direct service operating between Greenfield and New Haven, starting during the summer of 2019.

The Valley Flyer — the new name for the service — will be operated by Amtrak with two trains from Greenfield to New Haven in the morning and two trains north from New Haven to Greenfield in the evening. Each of these trains will have scheduled connections with both Amtrak and Metro-North service at New Haven Union Station.

On weekends and holidays one train will operate in each direction.

This service is designed for people in our region who wish to travel to New York City, as example, in the morning and/or return to the region by train in the evening.

The service will be provided until the fall of 2021 on a pilot basis.

MassDOT has set a goal of 24,000 annual riders for the pilot service. If the goal is not met MassDOT has said that the service will be discontinued.

If the goal is met the service is expected to continue. If the goal is significantly exceeded added intercity rail service north of Springfield could be considered, up to and including an extension of some Hartford Line service north to Greenfield.


Current Status

Infrastructure work on the rail corridor, in advance if the start of the new service, is quicky nearing completion or is complete.

Projects include track work, signals and bridges, and construction of Springfield Union Station’s new high-level platform.

The schedule for the launch of the new service requires that certain Federal Railroad Administration conditions be met with respect to the previously issued interim exemption from Positive Train Control.

Source: Monthly reports by the Rail and Transit Administrator to the MassDOT Board of Directors.



The Pioneer Valley Planning Commission (PVPC), the Franklin Regional Council of Governments and many elected officials in the region have been advocating for additional passenger rail service north of Springfield for many years now.

The existing Vermonter service, while greatly preferable to no service at all, has drawbacks that are not easily overcome. Simply stated — the Vermonter only operates once a day in each direction, is scheduled and priced for longer-distance travel, and departs at a time of day that makes it impossible to travel south past Springfield and return in the same day.

Efforts to expand service north of Springfield stem from the completion of the PVPC’s Knowledge Corridor Passenger Rail Feasibility Study  (PDF) in 2009. The study assessed the feasibility of future passenger rail improvements intended to reduce travel time, maximize accessibility, and provide viable transportation alternatives within the Knowledge Corridor.




Coming soon!



Station information

Local station specific information can be found on these links:

Amtrak Station | Greenfield, Ma. (GFD)

Amtrak Station | Holyoke, Ma. (HLK)

Amtrak Station | Northampton, Ma. (NHT)

Amtrak Station | Springfield Union Station (SPG)


Accommodations and amenities on board

Coach Class seating

Free Wi-Fi Onboard

Take your pet with you


Sample Amtrak fares¹

One-way in Coach (Adult)

  • Greenfield
  • ⮂ Springfield | to be announced
  • ⮂ Hartford, CT | to be announced
  • ⮂ New Haven, CT | to be announced
  • ⮂ Stamford, CT (*) | to be announced
  • ⮂ New York Penn Station (*) | to be announced
  • Greenfield
  • ⮂ Springfield, CT | to be announced
  • ⮂ Hartford, CT | to be announced
  • ⮂ New Haven | to be announced
  • ⮂ Stamford, CT (*) | to be announced
  • ⮂ New York Penn Station (*) | to be announced


(*) via connecting Amtrak Northeast Regional service at New Haven Union Station

Discounted fares are available for Children (12 and under), Seniors (65 and­ over), Military (Active), Veterans Advantage, and members of the Rail Passengers Association.


Tickets (starting in early August 2019)

Tickets may be purchased from the Amtrak website |

Tickets may also be purchased by calling Amtrak on 1-800-USA-RAIL, or by visiting the staffed Amtrak ticket office at Springfield Union Station.


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