Railroad Jobs in the Valley

A wide range of railroad related jobs are available in the Pioneer Valley at locations as Deerfield, Palmer, Springfield, Westfield, and West Springfield.

The list below includes all of the jobs that have been posted over the past twelve months. Note that many of these jobs are still currently available.

For the most recently listing of jobs check out the company’s website (listed below) or search for “railroad jobs” on the Indeed job search engine.




Location | Springfield, Mass.

Advertised jobs
Coach Cleaner (1/2019)
Passenger Conductor Trainee (7/2019) – NEW
Passenger Engineer Trainee (6/2019)

Current job listings



Location | West Springfield, Mass.

Advertised jobs
Freight Conductor (7/2019) – NEW
Intermodal Service Employee (5/2019)

Current local job listings


New England Central Railroad (see note)

Location| Palmer, Mass.

Advertised jobs
Conductor (6/2019)
Mechanic (3/2019)
Track Laborer (9/2018)

Current job listings

Note | NECR is a subsidiary of Genesee & Wyoming


Pan Am Railways

Locations | Deerfield and East Deerfield, Mass.

Advertised jobs
Assistant Signalman (5/2019)
Certified Locomotive Engineers (5/2019)
Diesel Locomotive Electrician (5/2019)
Freight Conductor (5/2019)
Trainmaster (5/2019)

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Pioneer Valley Railroad (see note)

Location | Westfield, Mass.

Advertised jobs
Forklift Operator/ Material Handler (7/2019) – NEW
Mechanical Supervisor (11/2018)
Roadmaster (2/2019)
Trainman (5/2019)
Warehouse Team Leader (11/2018)

Current job listings

Note | PVRR is a subsidiary of the Pinsly Railroad Company


TASI/ACI (see note)

Location | New Haven, Ct.

Advertised jobs
Conductor (5/2019)
Customer Service Agent (5/2019)
Locomotive engineer (5/2019)

Current listings

Note | Transit America Services, Inc. / Alternate Concepts Inc. a Joint Venture (TASI/ACI) operates the CTrail Hartford Line service between New Haven, Ct. and Springfield, Ma. TASI is a subsidiary of Herzog Railroad Services.


Other Companies

CRRC MA (rail car manufacturer)

Location | Springfield, Mass.

Advertised jobs
Accounts Payable Clerk (9/2018)
Configuration Control Engineer (9/2018)
Electrical Assembler (11/2018)
Manufacturing Engineer (11/2018)
Materials Planner (9/2018)
Mechanical Assembler (11/2018)
Network Administrator (3/2019)
Procurement Specialist (3/2019)
Production Planner Scheduler (3/2019)
Quality Inspector (11/2018)
Quality Inspector, Receiving Inspector
Test Technician (11/2018)

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Progress Rail Services (a railroad services supplier)

Location | Palmer Mass.

Advertised jobs
Carman (11/2018)
Supervisor (11/2018)

Current job listing


RailWorks (a railroad construction contractor)

Location | Westfield, Mass.

Advertised jobs
Laborer (9/2018)
Heavy Equipment Operator (11/2018)
Tamper Operator (11/2018)
Track Foreman (11/2018)
Track Laborer (5/2019)

Current job listings



Railroad Engineering Technology
Gateway Community College | New Haven, Ct.

Gateway Community College offers an Associate in Science Degree in Railroad Engineering Technology with two options: Electromechanical and Signaling/Communications.

The program prepares students for employment on the railroad in such careers as Signal Maintainer, Lineman, Radio Maintainer, Communications Technician, Conductor, Electrician, Carman, and Train Dispatcher.


Further reading

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