Freight Rail Customers




Astro Chemicals, 126 Memorial Dr, Springfield, MA
Boise Cascade Co, 33 Fowler St Ext, Westfield, MA
John S Lane & Son Inc, 311 East Mountain Rd, Westfield, MA
Joseph Freedman Co Inc, 115 Stevens St, Springfield, MA
Lancer Transportation & Logistics, 311 Industry Ave, Springfield, MA
Northstar Pulp & Paper Inc, 89 Guion St, Springfield, MA
Plastic Packaging Corp, 1227 Union St, West Springfield, MA
Salt City Inc, 163 Union St, Westfield, MA
Sanford & Hawley Inc, 253 Baldwin St, West Springfield, MA
Solutia Inc, 730 Worcester St, Springfield, MA
Sulco, Public Warehouse, 180 Progress St, Springfield, MA



American Carbonation Corp, 19 2nd St, Palmer, MA
Eagle Logistics, 140 Bethany Rd, Monson, MA
Essroc Cement Corp, 21 Wilbraham St, Palmer, MA
Maple Leaf Distribution Services, 14 3rd St, Bondsville, MA
Northeast Treaters Inc, 155 Bay Rd, Belchertown, MA
Prime Distribution Services, 24 3rd St, Bondsville, MA
UFP Belchertown, 155 Bay Rd, Belchertown, MA



Agrocare Ltd, 472 Northfield Rd, Bernardston, MA
All States Asphalt Inc, 901 River Rd, Deerfield, MA
Barker Steel LLC, 73 Old State Rd, Deerfield, MA
C&S Wholesale Grocers Inc, 95 North Hatfield Rd, Hatfield, MA
Carolina Eastern, 472 Northfield Rd, Bernardston, MA
Crop Production Services Inc, 25 Elm St, South Deerfield, MA
Feed Commodities Int’l Inc, 488 Northfield Rd, Bernardston, MA
Firstlight Power Resources, 200 Northampton St, Holyoke, MA
Hercules Inc, 1111 Grattan St, Chicopee, MA (PAS)
Packaging Corp of America, 525 Mt Tom Rd, Northampton, MA
Plains LPG Services LP, 39 Railroad Yard Rd, East Deerfield, MA
TREW Corp, 901 River Rd, Deerfield, MA
Turf Care Supply Corp, 59 Dwight St, Hatfield, MA
William F. Sullivan Inc, 107 Appleton St, Holyoke, MA
WTE Recycling Inc, 75 Southern Ave, Greenfield, MA



A Duie Pyle Inc, 211 Servustar Industrial Way, Westfield, MA
Barker Steel LLC, 287 Lockhouse Rd, Westfield, MA
Gas Supply Resources LLC, 30 Summit Lock Rd, Westfield, MA
Kleer Lumber LLC, 44 Grief Way, Westfield, MA
Little Rill Corp, 77 Westfield Industrial Park, Westfield, MA
Lowe’s Companies Inc, 180 Service Starway Rd, Westfield, MA
Prolamina, 132 North Elm, St, Westfield, MA
Railroad Distribution Services, 170 Lockhouse Rd, Westfield, MA
Railroad Distribution Services, 100 Springdale RD, Westfield, Ma
RWC Inc, 248 Lockhouse Rd, Westfield, MA
Sealed Air Corp, 2030 Lower Homestead Ave, Holyoke, MA
Sonoco Products Co, 200 South Water St, Holyoke, MA
Southern States Cooperative Inc, 323 Lockhouse Rd, Westfield, MA
Sulco Public Warehouse, 11 Berkshire St, Holyoke, MA
Superior Carrier Inc, 26 Commercial St, Holyoke, MA
United Waster Management Inc, 686 Main St, Holyoke, MA



Freight Rail 411



The map and listing shown above highlights most but not all active rail customers.


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