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This is a page where we maintain a listing of resources that are only indirectly related to the primary topic of this website.

“What Does Massachusetts Transportation Funding Support and What Are the Revenue Sources”
Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center | January 2017

“Train Operations | Adopting Leading Practices Could Improve Passenger Boarding Experience” (PDF)
Amtrak Office of Inspector General | September 2016

“Living with Rail”
Vermont Transportation Board 2016 Report
The Transportation Board’s 2016 Annual Report documents the comments the Board received during a recent series of public forums that focused on state transportation policy associated with trains – both passenger and freight. The report documents Vermonters’ support for, as well as concerns about, the expansion of passenger rail, future property development associated with railroad activity, and the various quality-of-life issues that come with living close to trains.

Pilot Service Proposal for Commuter Rail Extension to Foxborough (PDF)
MassDOT | February 2017

Connecticut Rail Station Governance Study – Task 4.4 Operations Review (PDF)
Connecticut Dept. of Transportation | 2004

Running Express: 2017 Outlook for the Intercity Bus Industry in the United States (PDF)
Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development at DePaul University | January 2017

Amtrak: Overview (PDF)
By David R. Peterman | Congressional Research Service | September 28, 2017


Reports from the National Academies Press

Guidebook for Managing Park-and-Ride Facilities for Public Transit (2017)

Inventory of State and Federal, Passenger and Freight Rail Programs (2017)

Intercity Passenger Rail in the Context of Dynamic Travel Markets (2016)

Developing Multi-State Institutions to Implement Intercity Passenger Rail Programs (2016)

Interregional Travel A New Perspective for Policy Making (2016)

Guidebook for Intercity Passenger Rail Service and Development (2016)

Alternative Funding and Financing Mechanisms for Passenger and Freight Rail Projects (2015)

Railroad Legal Issues and Resources (2015)

Guidelines for Providing Access to Public Transportation Stations (2012)


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A footnote

This file cabinet was inspired by the public file cabinet that is provided on the City of Northampton’s website. If only every governmental entity was so open with the information held in their public files.


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