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Station platform

The current Amtrak station stop in Northampton is a covered 46-foot long high-level boarding platform. The platform was constructed in late 2014 as part of the Knowledge Corridor–Restore Vermonter Project.


Parking lot and historic Union Station building
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Railroad tracks

Station platform


Northampton, Mass. Station | March 10, 2017


Recent History

The Knowledge Corridor – Restore Vermonter Project included provisions for a new station platform just to the south of the historic Union Station building on Railroad Avenue in Northampton. (The Union Station building was not actively considered for reuse as a station stop.)

The original plan called for an Amtrak-approved kiosk-style waiting facility and low-level platform covered by a canopy.

The original plan was changed when it was determined that a full-length (400-foot) high-level station platform would be required so that the new platform would be built in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. A [plan] for the construction of a 400-foot station platform was presented to the City of Northampton Planning Board in the Spring of 2014.

Later in 2014 this plan was set aside by MassDOT and a decision was made to build a smaller 46-foot long platform so that passenger service on the rebuilt line could be inaugurated in December 2014.

The wooden platform that was built in 2014, which at the time it was meant to be temporary structure, was designed so that the structure could be disassembled and reused at another location at some point in the future.


Planned extension of the station platform

Architectural rendering of planned expanded rail platform
Northampton, Ma. | June 2017

A project that is now underway to extended the high-level station platform in Northampton.

The extension of the platform will allow for simultaneous level access boarding/disembarking of three passenger cars (one door each of the lead and rear cars / both doors of the middle car).

When the project is complete, the station lot will consist of approximately 105 parking spaces — with 5 spaces dedicated for accessible parking.

Further details on the station platform project can be found on this link:

Northampton platform extension project | Trains In The Valley


Bicycle/pedestrian underpass

The Knowledge Corridor – Restore Vermonter Project included funding for the construction of a bicycle/pedestrian underpass in Northampton.

Amtrak train 56 — the southbound Vermonter — passing over the new underpass
Northampton, Ma. | November 12, 2017


The underpass, which opened to public in November 2017, provides a direct connection between the Mass Central Rail Trail (on the east side of the railroad tracks) with the Northampton Bike Trail which is on the west side of the tracks.

Further details on the underpass and its construction can be found on this link:

Northampton underpass project | Trains In The Valley


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