Industrial Rail Access Program

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) Industrial Rail Access Program (IRAP) is a competitive grant program created by the Massachusetts State Legislature in 2012.

IRAP is a public/private partnership program that provides state incentive funding to increase freight rail usage in Massachusetts by making it easier for shippers/receivers to connect to the freight rail system and for railroads to attract and serve viable markets.

Successful IRAP projects will generate public benefits by helping to retain industry partners and facilitating economic growth, job retention and new job creation while enhancing the environmental and energy benefits of freight rail and mitigating the impacts of roadway congestion.

IRAP was established to address the following overarching economic goals:

(1) Increase access to freight rail services;

(2) Stimulate economic development, retain and grow Massachusetts corporations, retain manufacturing jobs, and create new jobs through increased efficiency, production capacity, and improved distribution logistics.

IRAP awards in the Pioneer Valley


Amherst | New England Central Railroad | $500,000 award
Improvements to mainline tracks

Palmer | New England Central Railroad | $500,000 award
Construction of a new rail siding and complete loading dock and laydown area improvements at Sherwood Lumber



Westfield | Pioneer Valley Railroad | $310,032 award
Westfield–Easthampton mainline yard capacity project

Palmer | New England Central Railroad | $499,800 award
Industrial Park Freight Capacity Expansion Project



Westfield | Pioneer Valley Railroad | $175,045 award
Installation of new rail siding at Railroad Distribution Services facility



Palmer | Essroc Cement Corp | $77,364 award
Improvements to a rail spur and an associated unloading facility

Westfield | Pioneer Valley Railroad | $150,000 award
Rehabilitation of a rail spur serving the DCP propane terminal



Holyoke | Pioneer Valley Railroad | $495,000 award
Repair of an an out-of-service bridge which allowed the Pioneer Valley Railroad and Pan Am Southern to interchange rail cars via their track interconnection in Holyoke.

Holyoke | United Materials Management | $500,000 award
Extension of an existing rail spur

Ware | Tri-County Recycling | $123,720 award
Construction of a new rail spur



Wilbraham | Western Recycling Inc. | $500,000 award
The project will allow an existing solid waste handling facility in Wilbraham to load outbound waste into railcars for shipment to out-of-state landfills. The project includes the construction of one loading track and five storage tracks for a total of 6,000 feet of new track.



Deerfield | WT Terminal LLC | $500,000 award
The project will allow a liquid asphalt facility in Deerfield to continue to grow by creating a new spur and increasing terminal capacity.

Westfield | Pioneer Valley Railroad | $176,322
The project will build a siding in Westfield that will increase facility capacity by 25% to meet the demands of customers served by the Easthampton Branch.


Further reading

Industrial Rail Access Program (MassDOT)

Title 700 of the Code of Massachusetts Regulations, section 4.00



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