Holyoke station

Detailed information for Amtrak’s station stop in Holyoke, Massachusetts.

Amtrak station stop | Holyoke, Ma. | October 2017


Holyoke station
74 Main St
Holyoke, MA

• Platform with open shelter ♿

• No ticket office

• No restrooms

• Amtrak station code | HLK


Amtrak Service
Vermonter (Vermont – Holyoke – New York – Washington)



There are 9 short-term parking spaces and 16 long-term parking spaces with dedicated accessible parking also available.

Parking is free at this station.


Connecting Services

Use this Google Maps link [Holyoke station] to check for public transit options to/from this station.


Holyoke Transportation Center
206 Maple Street (a 10 minute walk from the station)
Holyoke, MA


Pioneer Valley Transit Authority (PVTA)

P20   Holyoke/ Springfield via Riverdale St
P21    Holyoke/ Springfield via Chicopee
P21E  Holyoke/ Springfield I-391 Express
B23   Holyoke/ Westfield via HCC
R24   Paper City Express
R29   Holyoke/ Amherst via Route 116 (*)
B48   Holoke/ Northampton via Route 5
X90   Inner Crosstown

(*) This bus stops across the street from the station.


Taxi [listing]


Visitor information

Holyoke, Ma. tourist information

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