Greenfield station

Detailed information for Amtrak’s station stop in Greenfield, Massachusetts.

Amtrak station stop | Greenfield, Ma. | August 8, 2020
(the building on the right is the Olver Transit Center)

John W. Olver Transit Center
12 Olive St
Greenfield, MA 01301

Amtrak Customer Service:
1-800-USA-RAIL (1-800-872-7245)

Amtrak Train Status | Greenfield

• Enclosed waiting room1 and restrooms ♿
(Open 7 AM – 7 PM Mon–Fri)

• Covered high–level platform ♿

• No ticket sales at this location

1 Passengers departing on the first weekday southbound Valley Flyer run (train 495) may board as early as 5:30 am, when the Olver Transit Center’s waiting room is normally closed.

Amtrak Service

Valley Flyer
• Greenfield – Springfield – Hartford – New Haven1

• Vermont – Greenfield – New York – Washington

1 With scheduled connections to Metro-North and other Amtrak service in New Haven


Short-term parking

Free short-term parking is available at the Olver Transit Center.

Long-term parking

Olive Street Parking Garage
40 Olive Street
Greenfield, MA 01301
Hours of operation | 24 hours, seven days a week

Free for the first hour, then
Mon. – Fri. / 8 am – 5 pm / $1 per hour
Mon. – Fri. / 5:01 pm – 7:59 am / $0.25 per hour
Sat. & Sun. / Free

Daily maximum – $10
Weekly maximum – $60

Payment is made when you exit the garage, and must be made with a credit or debit card.

Further information
Olive Street Parking Garage | Town of Greenfield

Local and Regional Bus Connections

The Franklin Regional Transit Authority (FRTA) and Greyhound provide service to (and from) the Olver Transit Center.

Click on the link below to view the options for travel to (and from) the transit center.

Olver Transit Center | Google Maps

Note | this link will take you to the transit information on Google Maps. You will need to select the appropriate departure time/date on the site. You may also wish to change the starting point or destination.

Franklin Regional Transit Agency (FRTA)

FRTA Routes

20 Greenlink Connector
21  Greenfield Community
22  BlueLink Connector
23  Sunderland/ Greenfield
24 Crosstown Connector
31  Northampton/ Greenfield
32  Orange/ Greenfield
41  Charlemont/ Greenfield

Intercity Bus Connections

Greyhound Lines [schedule]

• Greenfield – Brattleboro – White River Junction
• Greenfield – Northampton – Springfield

Taxi and Rideshare Services

A listing of services can be found on the link below.

Taxi and Rideshare Services | Trains In The Valley

Rental cars

Enterprise Rent-a-Car in Greenfield
136 River Street
Greenfield, MA

Hours | Mon-Fri 8 AM – 6 PM / Sat 9 AM – 1 PM

Enterprise offers a free pickup (and drop off) service during business hours. To schedule your pick-up time we recommend that you call the local Enterprise office the day before your scheduled arrival in Greenfield.

Visitor information

Greenfield, Ma. tourist information

Franklin County tourist information

Greenfield, MA on TripAdvisor

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A footnote

The station platform in Greenfield is owned by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT). If you have any concerns regarding the station platform please contact MassDOT by calling 857-368-4636 (Mon-Fri 9–5).

The Olver Transit Center is managed by the Franklin Regional Transit Authority (FRTA). If you have any concerned regarding this facility please contact the FRTA by calling 413-774-2262 (Mon-Fri 9–5).

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