This page focused on the portion of the MassDOT Capital Investment Plan (CIP) that relates to rail investments in the Pioneer Valley region of western Mass. For general information please visit the official MassDOT CIP web page.


The MassDOT Capital Investment Plan (CIP) , which is updated annually in the spring, programs the state and federal funds that are used to to pay for long-term improvements to the transportation systems in our state.

Note that the state fiscal years starts on July 1st, so the FY2023 CIP runs from July 1, 2022 until June 30, 2023.

MassDOT funded rail projects in the Pioneer Valley

Rail Project in the Pioneer Valley in the draft MassDOT 2023–2027 CIP (PDF)

A few of the projects funded by the CIP in our region

Track & Right of Way work along the Connecticut River Main Line
Easthampton, Ma. | May 31, 2019

On-going maintenance of the MassDOT-owned Connecticut River Main Line, which runs between Springfield and the Vermont state line, is funded by the CIP.

New high-level boarding platform
Springfield Union Station | May 9, 2019

Construction of the new high-level board platform in Springfield is being funded by the CIP

Renovation of the open-deck railroad bridge in Holyoke
Holyoke, Ma. | November 16, 2018

Renovation of this bridge — which is used for freight rail service — was funded in part through MassDOT’s Industrial Rail Access Program, which is funded by the CIP.

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