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Passenger rail station

The Amtrak station stop in Holyoke, which is formally known as the Depot Square Railroad Station, consists of a 400-foot long high-level concrete boarding platform with tactile edging and a 170-foot canopy.

The station design was funded through a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Sustainable Communities grant and construction costs were covered by a MassWorks Infrastructure grant. The station was built at a total cost of $4.3 million.

Holyoke station | July 2020


Station platform
City of Holyoke

Parking lot
City of Holyoke

Railroad tracks

Historic Connecticut River Railroad station at 2 Bowers Street
Race Street Properties LLC

Recent history

Efforts to re-establish passenger rail service to Holyoke started in earnest in 2010 when the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission initiated the Holyoke Station Feasibility Study and Site Analysis Study to evaluate the options for a new passenger rail station in the City of Holyoke.

This study, which was completed in March 2011, recommended that passenger rail service to Holyoke be restored at a new station to be constructed at a location near the corner of Main and Dwight streets.

The station design (in 2014) called for the construction of a so-called mini-hi level platform and canopy along with a low-level platform.  The design was modified in 2015 when it was determined that a 400-foot high-level station platform would be necessary so that the platform would be in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Construction of the new station commenced in December 2014 and the station was substantially completed in August 2015. Passenger service to Holyoke resumed on August 27, 2015, with the arrival of Amtrak’s southbound Vermonter.

Parking for rail passengers

The station has 9 short-term parking spaces and 16 long-term parking spaces with dedicated accessible parking also available.

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This study was prepared to evaluate the options for a new passenger rail station in the City of Holyoke, Massachusetts.

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