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Passenger Rail Station

The current Amtrak station stop in Greenfield is a covered 46-foot long wooden high-level boarding platform. The platform, which is owned by MassDOT, was constructed in late 2014 as part of the Knowledge Corridor – Restore Vermonter Project.

The station platform is located next to the John W. Olver Transit Center which is the intermodal hub for Franklin County. The waiting room inside the transit center is available for use by both rail and bus passengers.

Amtrak station - Greenfield, MA - 2014
Greenfield, Ma. | December 30, 2014


Recent History

The Knowledge Corridor – Restore Vermonter Project included provisions for the construction of a new station platform at a location near the Olver Transit Center.

The original plan was to the build an Amtrak-approved kiosk-style waiting facility and low-level platform. The plan also called for the construction of a canopy above the platform.

This plan was modified when it was determined that a full-length (400-foot) high-level station platform would be required so that the new platform would be in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

In 2014 this plan was set aside by MassDOT and a decision was made to build a 46-foot long mini high-level platform so that passenger service on the line could be inaugurated in December 2014.

The existing wooden platform, which at the time it was built was meant to be temporary until a permanent platform was constructed, is designed so that it can be disassembled and reused at another location.

Current Status

MassDOT said in early 2017 that the existing platform in Greenfield will be expanded to a length of 120-feet.

This platform length would allow for two pairs of passenger car doors to be opened on the platform, which would increase the speed of boarding (and deboarding) passengers at this station stop.

Further details will be provided when they become available.


Parking for Rail Passengers

Long-term parking for rail passengers is available at the City of Greenfield lot on Hope Street. (see Amtrak Stations – Greenfield for parking details)

A total of 39 short-term parking places are available in the Olver Transit Center lot.

Expanded parking lot | Olver Transit Center | Greenfield, Ma. | January 6, 2017
The expanded parking lot at the Olver Transit Center
Greenfield, Ma. | January 6, 2017

The Franklin Regional Transit Authority added 24 additional short-term spaces to the parking lot at the transit center in the fall of 2016.


New Parking Garage  |  Under Construction


Site of the planned new parking garage | looking north
Olive Street, Greenfield, Ma. | April 8, 2018

On October 27, 2016 Governor Charlie Baker announced that the City of Greenfield had been awarded a $7.5 million MassWorks Infrastructure Grant to help fund the construction of a new multi-level parking garage. The new four-story, 350-space garage will be located across the street from the Olver Transit Center and within walking distance of the new Franklin County Courthouse.

The new garage is currently under construction and should be completed in 2018.


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