Related Groups

Here’s a selected listing of related groups:


Other Transportation Advocacy Groups in the Pioneer Valley

Citizens for a Palmer Rail Stop [a Facebook group]
Citizens of Palmer, Massachusetts and surrounding towns who support the restoration of passenger rail service.

Transportation Justice for Franklin County [a Facebook group]


Rail Advocacy Groups in New England

Connecticut Commuter Rail Council
An independent board that acts as an advocate for commuters on railroad lines throughout Connecticut.

Empire State Passenger Association (New York)
A volunteer network of citizens working to improve and expand Amtrak and public transit services across New York State.

Maine Rail Group
A non-profit group working to enhance rail service in Maine and New England.

New Hampshire Rail Transit Authority

TrainRiders/Northeast (Maine)
A volunteer organization dedicated to bringing modern and efficient passenger rail service to Northern New England.

Transportation for Massachusetts
A diverse coalition of organizations working together to create safe, convenient, and affordable transportation for everyone.

Vermont Rail Action Network
A group working to convert generalized public support for rail in Vermont into an active, organized, and unified constituency that helps lead Vermont into a new age of the train.

Working on the Railroad (2007-2010)
The inactive blog site of Pioneer Valley Advocates for Commuter Rail, a now-defunct rail advocacy.


Other Rail Groups

Amtrak Vermonter group on Facebook
(A closed group on Facebook but all interested people can join)

Amtrak Vermonter group on Flickr
An image and video hosting group dedicated to the Amtrak’s Vermonter service.

National Association of Railroad Passengers
A national organization that acts as a voice for train passengers — particularly Amtrak customers, but also commuter rail and rail transit riders — on Capitol Hill, before the U.S. Department of Transportation, and before Amtrak management.

(NHT) Northampton Rail Platform
A Facebook group with information for people who are interested in learning more about the rail platform in Northampton.

Northeast Association of Rail Shippers
A group representing shippers and professionals in the rail industry.

Rail Users’ Network (RUN)
A group representing many different types of rail passengers, including long distance, commuter, and transit riders.

Transportation for America
Transportation for America is an alliance of elected, business and civic leaders from communities across the country, united to ensure that states and the federal government step up to invest in smart, homegrown, locally-driven transportation solutions.


Railroad History and Hobby groups in the Pioneer Valley

Amherst Railway Society

Chester Massachusetts Railway Station & Museum

Pioneer Valley Live Steamers

Shelburne Falls Trolley Museum


Other Interesting Groups

American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials Rail Resource Center

Center for Neighborhood Technology
A nonprofit research and advocacy organization committed to improving urban economies and environments across the United States.

California’s leading transportation advocacy group.

A nonprofit organization working to spark innovations and support policies that improve public transportation for riders, businesses, and communities.



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