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The Rail News Roundup is the online newsletter of Trains In the Valley, a rail advocacy organization in the Pioneer Valley region of western Massachusetts.

Trains In The Valley’s newsletter, which was first published using the Rail News Roundup name in June of 2017, provides news and information related to freight and passenger rail service in the region.

The listing below includes a linked to all of our newsletter and the individual headlines that appeared in each newsletter.

Also included are the single topic posts that predated our decision to publish a single newsletter rather than a post every time there is something newsworthy to write about. (We still do that on our Facebook page where we publish a brief report when there is news and we turn some of these reports into longer reports in the Rail News Roundup.)

We prepared this listing for those people who would like to browse through the topics that we have reported on over the years, and so the rich history of the past few years is not lost.

Please note that this page is currently a work in progress. We are working to add headline links to all of headlines in back issues but this will take some time.


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New Grade Crossing Signals go up in Northampton | January 12th

Vermonter Ridership FY2016 | January 19th

Gov. Malloy Pushes for Inland Route | February 8th

Union Station to Reopen June 26th | March 7th

A Snow Day Activity | March 14th

Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Safety | March 17th

Light at the End of the Tunnel | June 16th

Rail News Roundup #1 | June 18th

RNR #2 | July 5th

The Importance of Buses | July 18th

RNR #3 | July 25th

RNR #4 | August 30th

RNR #5 | September 25th

RNR #6 | October 16th

RNR #7 | October 23rd

RNR #8 | November 20th


RNR #9 | January 9th

RNR #10 | January 26th

2018 State Rail Plan Update | February 5th

Western Mass Rail Advocacy Pop-up Meetings | February 14th

RNR #11 | March 11th

RNR #12 | April 14th

RNR #13 | May 26th

RNR #14 | June 12th

RNR #15 | June 14th

RNR #16 | July 24th

RNR #17 | September 9th

RNR #18 | October 27th

RNR #19 | November 11th

RNR #20 | December 17th


RNR #21 | January 30th

RNR #22 | March 5th

RNR #23 | April 20th

RNR #24 | May 17th

RNR #25 | June 5th

RNR #26 | June 24th

RNR #27 | July 29th

RNR #28 | August 23rd

RNR #29 | October 6th

RNR #30 | November 11th

RNR #31 | December 23rd


RNR #32 | January 25th

RNR #33 | February 29th

RNR #34 | June 1st

RNR #35 | August 3rd

RNR #36 | September 15th

RNR #37 | November 30, 2020


RNR #38 | February 8th

RNR #39 | July 8th

The Vermonter is Back! | July 20th

RNR #40 | November 28th

Infrastructure Bill Signed into Law

MassDOT Intercity Passenger Rail White Paper Released

The Return of the Vermonter

Service to Bradley Airport has Arrived

PVTA Launches Amherst–Worcester Intercity Bus Service`

PVTA Springfield–Northampton Express Bus Pilot

Chester Depot National Landmark Ceremony

Wanted: Books for the Book Exchange

Western Mass Live Rail Cams


RNR #41 | January 29th

East-West Rail: CSX Agrees to Amtrak Conditions

PVPC Hosts Status Update on East-West Rail

Delegation Meets to Discuss East-West Rail

Northern Tier Rail Study Kicks Off

New Windsor Locks Station Out to Bid

Deerfield | Rail Storage Track Project to Kick Off

Joint Transportation Committee Hearing

New Header Image for the Website

Virtual Meetings of Note

RNR #42 | November 14th

The Valley Flyer is Here to Stay!

East-West Rail Updates

   Aug. 10, 2022 | $275 million Approved for East-West Rail

   Aug. 23, 2022 | Baker Rides the Rails to Springfield

   Sept. 9, 2022 | Healey talks up East-West Rail 

   “East-West Rail in Massachusetts” Web page Launched

Springfield Track Reconfiguration Design Grant Awarded

Ongoing Vermonter Delays

New Station for Windsor Locks CT Underway

Deerfield Residents Want Train Horns Silenced

Pioneer Valley Railroad to Abandon 4.25 miles of Track


RNR #43 | July 15th

East–West Rail Updates

MassDOT Seeks $108 million for East-West Rail

MassDOT Funds Palmer and Pittsfield Rail Projects

Westfield Asks for East–West Rail Station Stop

Western Mass. Rail Commission Wraps Up Public Meetings

Northern Tier Rail Study Nears Completion

Vermonter Suspended Due to Flood Damage in VT

Valley Flyer Replaced With Buses, Again

Northampton – New Fees to Park at the Station

West Springfield – Front Street Crossing makes the NY Times

Windsor Locks – New Station, Coming Along

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