The Vermonter is Back!

Daily Hampshire Gazette (linked image) | July 20, 2021 | Page 1

Amtrak’s Vermonter returned to the Pioneer Valley yesterday after a hiatus of sixteen months.

This milestone was marked in Northampton with a celebration that was organized by Trains In The Valley to welcome the train back to the region. Similar celebrations were hosted at all of the stations along the rail line in Vermont.

The train was late arriving into Northampton because of the extraordinary ridership that was generated by the $1 fare promotion that was offered for travel between stations in Vermont yesterday.

Those that waited for the train to arrive we’re serenaded for over an hour by the Expandable Brass Band.

Just prior to the train’s arrival Mayor David Narkewicz declared July 19, 2021 as “Amtrak Vermonter Train Day” by reading this proclamation:

The train finally showed up at about 3:15 pm

Train 55 arriving in Northampton | By Don Treeger/The Republican | July 19, 2021
By Jacob Harrison | The Points Guy | July 19, 2021

Many more photos from the event can be found on this link:

Images of the Vermonter’s Return to Northampton
By Don Teeger | The Republican | July 19, 2021

The day’s events were nicely captured on this video:

“Amtrak’s Vermonter returns to Northampton” (6:01)
By YouTube user Skyman2002 | July 19, 2021 | via YouTube

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And for those of you looking for a video of the train’s journey through Vermont we suggest this masterful piece by Josh Farber.

“Amtrak returns to Vermont: Day 1” (19:08)
By Josh Farber | July 19, 2021 | via YouTube

For further information on the Vermonter visit Trains In The Valley’s Vermonter page.

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