Welcome Back the Vermonter to Northampton

Special Event

Help us welcome the Vermonter back to the Pioneer Valley on Monday afternoon, July 19th at the station platform in Northampton.

Join supporters of passenger rail service, elected officials, the media, and others as we celebrate the return of the Vermonter to our region.

Here’s the Plan

11:30 AM
The Deck @ Union Station opens for lunch. Enjoy lunch at the Deck while waiting for the train to arrive.

1:30 PM
Approximate start of the event at the platform

1:45 PM
The countdown begins, with music provided by the Expandable Brass Band!

2:01 PM
Scheduled departure time of Amtrak Train 55, the southbound Vermonter (see note below)

Lemonade and cookies will be provided. (If anyone would like to bring a plate of cookies that would be wonderful!)

Please keep in mind that Monday’s train will be operated by Amtrak as a regularly scheduled service. It will pull in to the station and then depart just as soon as arriving passengers have stepped off the train and departing passengers have boarded. If you’re taking pictures don’t wait too long, otherwise the train may be gone before you know it.

Please note

All of the stations in Vermont are planning similar events on July 19th. These events, and an extraordinary number of people riding the train on Monday in Vermont, will mean that the train will be late arriving in Northampton. Just how late remains to be seen.

Track the 1st Train

To check the status of the train enroute please use this link —

Events on July 19th in Vermont

If you are looking for information about the events planned in Vermont please see the document on the link below.

Amtrak Return to Service Station Events – Mon. July 19, 2021 (PDF)
Vermont Agency of Transportation | July 16, 2021

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