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The inaugural run of the Valley Flyer
Northampton, MA | August 30, 2019 | 6:15 am

TrainsInTheValley.org is the website of Trains In The Valley, a grassroots community organization whose purpose is to advocate for improved and expanded passenger and freight rail service in the Pioneer Valley region of western Massachusetts.

Although the site has a significant amount of content you will find that we focused, for the most part, only on topics that directly relate to the rail scene here in the Pioneer Valley.

Most of the information that we make available here on this website is available to the public through organizations such as Amtrak, MassDOT, the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission, the Federal Railroad Administration, and other organizations.

However, because of each organization publishes its information, news, meetings and developments in different ways, it can happen that key information may not always reach the broader public quickly or clearly.

We want rail passengers, rail advocates and other stakeholders to have easy access to information on the past, present and future of rail service in our area. Our hope also is that we are able to increase the overall transparency of the discussion surrounding this topic.

The menu at the top of this page can be used to navigate to information on the site or you can simply use the search box.

The section headings in the main menu (at the top of each page) will lead you to the follow topical pages on the site —

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Vermonter Extension to Montreal (In Planning)
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– Proposed Northern Tier Rail Study
Vermonter Data

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Freight Railroads
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Railroad Jobs in the Valley
MassDOT Industrial Rail Access Program

Connecticut River Main Line
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Individual pages can be accessed by using the menu structure at the top of each page, or by accessing the website’s SiteMap.

We also publish an on-line newsletter called the Rail News Roundup every 3-4 weeks with the latest rail from the region. If you would like to notified (by email) when we release a new edition of our newsletter please use the Subscribe link below.

Additionally, from time to time we publish topical articles on specific newsworthy subjects that we think could be of interest to the larger community.

We also maintain a group on Facebook where we also post current news and developments. Note that we make it a point to not post more than one time a day, at most. The Facebook page can be accessed on this link: facebook.com/trainsinthevalley


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