Greenfield platform extension project

This page provides an overview of a 2019-2019 project that extended the length of the high-level station platform in Greenfield, Massachusetts.

The extensed of the platform allows for simultaneous level access boarding/disembarking of three passenger cars (one door each of the lead and rear cars / both doors of the middle car).


In summary, the project includes the following components:

  • the high-level platform will be extended from its current length of 46 feet to a a length of 146 feet
  • the canopies will be extended to cover the entire length of the expanded platform
  • new ramps and stairs will be constructed to access the platform extensions
  • Existing ramps, stairs, handrails and guard fence will be modified where required to coordinate with the new construction
  • Closed-circuit video cameras will be added along with station wayfinding signage


Selected drawings

Proposed Site Plan | Greenfield station


Elevation / Sections | Greenfield station


Elevation / Sections | Greenfield station


Project milestones

July 11, 2018 | The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (for MassDOT) formally advertised MBTA Contract No. T92CN02 – the Knowledge Corridor Northampton and Greenfield Station Platform Extension Project.

August 9, 2018 | Bids were opened and the apparent low bidder is Newport Construction Corp. of Nashua, New Hampshire with a bid of $2,561,000. If all goes well, the contract will be awarded without delay and work will start in September.

October 26, 2018 | Notice to Proceed issued.

March 2019 | Work at the site starts.

May 2019 | Timber work at the work site now underway.

Late June 2019 | All timber work would appear to be complete. Electrical work is now well underway.

August 2019 | Substantial completion of the project.


Progress images

Greenfield station | looking north | March 14, 2019


Greenfield station | looking south | April 19, 2019
Courtesy the Franklin Regional Council of Governments


Greenfield station | looking north | May 19, 2019


Greenfield station | looking south | May 22, 2019
Courtesy of the Franklin Regional Council of Governments


Greenfield station | looking north | June 29, 2019


Amtrak station stop | Greenfield, Ma. | January 2, 2020


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