Photographers Needed

Wanted: Interesting Local Images

Amtrak 57 | Northampton, Ma. | Nov 2017
(sized for use as a Facebook cover image)

We’re putting out a call for people who would like their image(s) to be considered for use as the cover photo on the Trains in the Valley Facebook page.

As example, we would really love to have someone submit a recent shot of a CTrail Hartford Line train taken somewhere in Massachusetts.

Ideally we’d like to change the cover image about once a month, rather than just a few times a year as we’ve been doing.

What are we looking for?

The image should be of high quality and it needs to somehow be connected with passenger or freight railroading in the Pioneer Valley region of western Massachusetts. Keep in mind the image does not need to include a train.

Ideally it should be of something that is timely, but we would be happy to highlight a historic image now and then.

Important | To fit Facebook’s specs, the image needs to be cropped to a size of 820 pixels wide x 312 pixels tall.

We’d like to include a caption, along with the location where the image was taken, and the date that you took the image. If the time you took the image is important include that too. (we like getting into the details, as you may have noticed.)

If you’d like to watermark the image in the corner, go ahead – but please not to large.

We will of course credit you by name as the photographer, or not — your choice.


If you have an image that you’d like to share with us please send it to

Questions? Drop us an email.

If this works out we’ll see how we can expand this in other ways.

We look forward to hearing from people interested in doing this, even if its only from time to time.



Page last updated: June 21, 2018
Page last reviewed: June 20, 2018